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Get Some Tech Help

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What happens during a virtual visit?

    The MGH Virtual Visit Program will allow you to meet with your care provider through videochat on a computer or mobile device. It is the same world-class MGH care from the comfort of your home, the convenience of work, or from any other private location.

  2. Who is eligible and how can I start doing virtual visits?

    We are in the process of expanding our Virtual Visit program. Contact your provider to find out if they are participating!

  3. Am I still able to see my clinician in person if I start using virtual visits?

    Of course! You and your clinician will develop a plan of care that will work for both of you.

  4. Am I able to do these visits from work?

    Yes, you can conduct these visits from your workplace, but you should check with your IT department about any firewall/network restrictions. You also should confirm that you have a reliable internet/Wi-Fi connection from your workplace location.

  5. I’m interested in conducting virtual visits with my doctor. How do I begin?

    Please check with your MGH provider to find out if they are offering Virtual Visits.


  1. How much will I be charged for my virtual visit?

    You will be responsible for your co-pay or deductible for all virtual visits.  If the services are not covered by your insurance, you will be billed for the visit just as you would for an in-person visit.  We always recommend that you check with your insurer to confirm your cost prior to a visit. Please contact the MGH billing office at 617-726-3884 for any additional information.

  2. How do I pay for my virtual visit?

    Following your virtual visit, you will receive a bill by mail or electronically via Patient Gateway if you are enrolled. You may pay by phone, mail, or electronically through Patient Gateway. All major credit cards and personal checks are accepted.

  3. Is this expense HSA or FSA eligible?

    Most patient payments or co-pays for medical services are eligible expenses for most HSAs or FSAs. However, we recommend that you check with your employer or health insurance company to confirm.

  4. What should I do if I think I’ve received a bill in error?

    Please contact the MGH billing office at 617-726-3884 if you believe you have received a bill in error.


  1. What do I need in order to participate?
    • A reliable internet connection
    • A webcam and a desktop computer, laptop, Android device, or iPad/iPhone that meets the following minimum requirements:
      • PC: Windows 7 or later
      • Mac: macOS (OSX) 10.11 or later
      • iPad/iPhone: iOS 10 or later
    • Compatible browsers if using a desktop computer, laptop, or Android device:
      • Firefox v.47 or later
      • Chrome v.50 or later
  2. Is the connection between myself and my clinician secure and private?

    Yes, just like a regular doctor’s appointment, your virtual visit is entirely private and confidential. Virtual visits are never recorded or shared. However, it is very important that you conduct your visits in a private, secure location.

  3. How do I start my visit?

    A few minutes before your scheduled visit, log in, hit the button to start your appointment, and that’s it! Your care provider will meet with you shortly.

  4. How do I locate my volume control?

    Depending on your device, there may be physical buttons you can use to adjust the volume, an icon on the desktop of your computer, or it can be raised or lowered in the virtual visit once you are connected with your provider.


  1. What are the benefits of virtual visits?
    • Receive personalized and convenient care to you in the comfort of your home, work, or any private location.
    • Reduce the time, cost, and effort associated with traveling to an in-person office visit.
    • Stay more connected with your provider.